Vysor Share Demo

Vysor Share lets you view and debug remote devices, with full ADB access.
Let's walk through this, you'll need Android Studio.

Are you an Android developer?

Install Vysor

If you haven't already, please install Vysor.

Connect to the remote Vysor Server

There's a Vysor Server with several Androids connected for this demo. Let's connect to it.
You can do that now by clicking this link.
Vysor will open automatically.

Pick your Android

You'll see a list of Android devices. These are the devices connected to the remote Server.
Pick one, click View.


You're now connected to a remote Android device now. You can control it and have ADB access.
Maybe check out 'adb logcat' in the command prompt.
Or, let's try Android Studio. Open it up.

Android Studio

The remote devices you connected to are available for deploying and debugging apps.
Vysor lets you easily set up device farms for testing, and debug customer issues live, in the wild.

Share Your Own Devices

Set up your own Vysor Server to share all your devices, or Share a single device. With just one click.
Get the link, send it to a friend.

That's it! Have fun.